Music Manager

Music Manager by Google

Upload songs to Google Music Beta in a flash


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Option to upload automatically
  • Option to upload individual songs manually
  • iTunes compatible


  • Doesn't provide solutions to upload errors


Music Manager is a desktop app that compliments Google's new Music Beta cloud-based storage system.

Uploading songs to your Music Beta library on an individual basis can be a serious drag, as well as a complete time-waster. Much like the 8tracks Uploader for Macs, Music Manager lets users easily and effectively transfer new songs to their Music Beta Library in no time at all.

You can tweak the settings on Music Manager to automatically upload new music it detects from iTunes or any other music storage app of your choosing. Alternatively, if you'd rather manually upload individual songs, Music Manager also has an option for that.

In addition to uploading songs, the app will also provide you with a list of songs it was unable to upload, as well as a reason as to why the upload didn't work. Unfortunately, if you do encounter an error in uploading, Music Manager doesn't actually suggest a solution. You might just be out of luck, which could be frustrating.

If you want an easy-to-use method of uploading songs to your Google Music Beta library however, Music Manager is the way to go.

Music Manager


Music Manager by Google

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